Hi Doc!

I am speechless at Drue’s results. I have attached the pre-op and post op audio’s for you.

But I must take this moment to thank you!

From seeing your smile as you walked out of that theatre door, I knew then that our lives were about to take an amazing 360°, undoubtedly, you have magically given Drue a new start to her new chapter where she begins her teenage years.

The first time we sat in your office and heard you say, ‘Drue, I think Uncle Duane can fix that ear’, it was a moment we will always remember.

You have been so patient, you have been so understanding, so informative, and most of all so gentle and compassionate towards Drue and us as a family.

We have truly been blessed to have you perform your magical surgery on her. We are honoured to have crossed paths with you.

Your knowledge, your experience, and kindness is incredible.

May you continue to touch many more hearts and give many more people the gift of hearing.

We will see you Tuesday for her follow up appointment.


Mom of a patient

Good morning Dr. Duane Mol & Staff,

I must just share with you that our son got Grommets a year ago (at another Hospital) It was extremely stressful. We were not well informed at the time and had no idea what was waiting for us… afterwards I couldn’t get hold of the Dr. or his receptionist to find out what we allowed to do (wash hair / swim) and I then out of desperation called your offices, your Lovely receptionist was extremely friendly calmed me down and told me exactly what to expect and the do’s and don’ts – THANK YOU!!!

After seeing you last Monday, you said our son Christopher needed a new grommet and that you want to remove his tonsils and Adenoids I was extremely worried and scared…. But we had the most amazing experience!!! We were honestly treated like Royalty at the Netcare Clinton Hospital the staff were amazing and seeing your receptionist put our minds to ease, thank you for his Zebra he loves it. After the opp we expected screaming and that he would be in agonizing pain, and he wasn’t, she explained everything so nicely with so much patience. I cannot thank you enough!! I know today is day 4 and maybe the worst is yet to come but at least we are ready and know what to expect!!!

Thank you from the Bottom of our hearts!!

You are a truly amazing doctor!!! I would recommend you to anyone!!

Chantel, Damian and Christopher

Mom of a patient

Dear Dr Mol and his Wonderful staff. 

I have to say a big big thank you for the excellent service and warmth we received from yourselve, your office and theatre staff. 

My son had his tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets put in on Monday 21 September 2015 – we had braced ourselves for the worse but was pleasantly surprised. From all my encounters with doctors ans hospitals ( and I have had terrible experiences) I have to say you guys are absolutely awesome. My son is recovering well and in very little pain. 

Thank you for your magic touch and the loveliest staff all round and the sweetest gesture of giving my son a toy. 


Mrs Govender

Mom of a patient

Good Day Dr Duane Mol


I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to yourself and your staff for the great “service” we received straight from the minute we walked into your offices to the minute my daughter was discharged.

Tiffini-Anne had her op last Monday 25/8 and the picture I have attached of Tiffi (with the gorgeous Teddy from yourselves- THANK U J, that was so special) was here half an hour after she came out of theatre, all dressed and ready to go home J J

My husband and I were prepared for the worst, but to our surprise she has been eating and drinking and has had no complaints at all.

Thank you once again for the extra special care you all give to your patients J J

Have a great day further

Kind Regards


Mom of a patient

Dr Mol,

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful way the tonsil operation for our son Logan was handled on 23/11/2012. 
My husband said he and Logan felt well looked after and were kept well informed as to all procedures and times. The time taken by the staff, the anesthetist and yourself to make them comfortable was outstanding.
Also the fact that Tia took the time to stop by and inform him of procedures and drop off a teddy bear for Logan was a wonderful gesture! 
Again thank you for the care taken with our precious little boy.

Layne & Diane

Mom of a patient

Dear Dr Mol,

Words can’t express how much I appreciate what you have done for my princess Tyra-Anne. You went out of your way to see her on Friday with no appointment and then you operated on her today. You are so amazing and your staff is always friendly and helpful. Nothing is ever too much effort. I can see you really care for your patients – guess that comes from being a dad to three gorgeous daughters.

Dr Mol you and your anaesthetist are an amazing team. You are so loving and caring towards your little patients.

God does things in funny ways. If I was not lead to Karen I would never had met you.

Dr Mol you are not just an amazing ENT specialist but an amazing person. God has blessed you with an amazing gift to care for people and I am so blessed so have crossed your path. Tyra-Anne loves her little teddy and tells everyone it is her magic teddy.

Dr Mol you have touched my heart and hubby and I can’t thank you enough.

Looking forward to seeing you in six weeks and let’s hope my little princesses ears are better- I know they will be. Tyra-Anne can’t wait to see you again as she loves your magic.

God Bless and enjoy the rest of your day.

Kindest Regards


Mom of a patient

Dear Dr. Mol

I write this to you as a parent, not a colleague or speech therapist. I don’t think anyone can put into words the anxiety a parent experiences around their child’s sleep apnoea. The times we hold our breaths waiting for our little one to take their next breath, stressing about the fact that they aren’t resting well enough, nor are they ever entering a deep sleep which as we know is so necessary for brain consolidation of the days experiences. This was my experience with Hannah for a year. Despite being vigilant with her Avamys spray and deselex syrup there were times when it seemed not to help at all. As a mother I know I tend to over react and so many consultations with GP’s, many doses of Celestamine (which is a GP’s drug of choice for any nasal blockages), copious amounts of Sterimar later, I realised that Hannah needed a specialist intervention, hence our journey with you. A well respected, well loved and godly ENT.

Hannah’s adenoid- and tonsilectomy on June the 16th honestly changed our lives. The loving way you and your anaethetist handled my little girl, explaining the procedure to her, giving her a teddy which really relaxed her, is much appreciated. She has post surgery experienced very little pain and asked on day 2 to stop taking pain medication because it really wasn’t that painful she said. She resumed normal food intake immediately and has had no side effects or bleeding. For me the biggest change has been her sleeping pattern. Post surgery the first thing I said to Shaun was, “listen to her breathing”. She sleeps peacefully through the night. She used to wake up every hour, heart racing from another bout of apnoea. She is a different child, peaceful at night, easy to awaken in the morning and not as exhausted after school. (Unfortuneately she does present with a little hypernasal speech now, but it’s understandable and easily corrected).

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the professional and caring way you have alleviated so much of my anxiety and Hannah’s frustration around, and I quote, her “broken nose”. She odften said she wished she could throw her nose away and get a new one…..well, now she has.

May the Lord continue to guide you in wisdom as you continue to use your God given gift to benefit your patients. I never hesitate to refer clients to you and will always hold the name od Dr. Duane Mol in highest asteem. Please forward my thanks to the anaethetist you used on the day for the way he made Hannah feel at ease and counselled Shaun through the anaesthetic process. We appreciated it so much. It sounds cliche’d, but this procedure has really changed our lives, and little Hannah’s too.

Bronwyn & Shaun

Parents of a child