CV of Duane Arnold Mol (ID: 7302035147084) as at February 2017   /   [email protected]


  • Born 03/02/1973 in Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Married: since 09/12/1995 to my beautiful wife Therina (nee Pelser)
  • Three daughters aged: 9yrs  Leeza, 11yrs Kyra and  15yrs Jodi
  • Dual Citizenship: South African and Dutch (Netherlands) passports
  • Languages: Written and spoken excellent English and Afrikaans
  • Health: Non-smoker, no current Medication taken
  • Musical: Drummer in a local band “ Geriatric Blues Band” and Church Music worship drummer
  • Fitness: Running, squash and waterskiing

Current address: 28 van der Stel Street, Alberante , Alberton, South Africa   (living in same house since 2004)

No Active Facebook (personal reasons)

No Linked-in, Twitter, etc social media accounts (Personal reasons)

Basic Education

  • 2000 -2003 MMed (ORL)  (cum laude)  – Ear , Nose and Throat surgery University of Free State, SA
  • 1991-1996 MBChB degree at University of Pretoria
  • 1990 Matric national certificate – The Glen High, Pretotia

Pre-Specialist Graduate activities (ascending chronological order)

  • Volunteer for TPA Ambulance service under Civil Defense force 1992-1994
  • Top ten Finalist in Nedbanks Junior Entrepreneurs of South Africa 1994
  • Numerous Television Magic Performances (Zap Mag x 4, Top Billing and other magazine TV programs) – 1990- 1996
  • Wrote two book (published by JL Van Schaik publishers) and translated both books into Afrikaans – “ Dad, you’re a Star” and “ Mom you’re a Star” – 1996
  • Invited to perform my Magic Show for President Nelson Mandela at his residence in Pretoria – 1996
  • Produced, Directed and Starred in a Full length Magic and Illusion Spectacular called “It’s Magic” in Welkom City hall, Oppenheimer theatre for 3 nights 31 Aug to 2 Sept 1997 (3 sold out shows)
  • Overall winner of the South African “General Stage Magic” Competition in 2002, a title he held for 4 years
  • Helped start and launched the Bloemfontein Cochlea Implant program in 2003



Incidence and management of acoustic neuromas in South Africa.

Seedat RY1, Claassen AJ, Mol DA.


  • Mol DA, De Villiers GT, Claassen AJ, Joubert G. Use and care of endotracheal/tracheostomy tube cuff – are intensive care unit staff adequately informed? South African Journal of Surgery 2004;42(1):14-16.


  • January 2010 Vol.28 No.1 CME Journal,

An approach to chronic otitis media with effusion – the pros and cons of grommet. This reviews the indications for grommets.

       DUANE MOL, MMed(ORL)

Honours and Awards

  • First place overall in the Registrar paper presentations for the Free State University’s Annual Academic Faculty day over all the disciplines – Aug 2002
  • Won the Sean Sellars trophy for best ENT registrar research project – Nov 2002 at the SA ENT Conference
  • Designed an inexpensive cuff pressure monitor device in 2000 for the monitoring of Endotracheal cuff pressure’s that was installed in all the ICU’s at the time in the Bloemfontein academic hospitals

(Was asked on numerous occasions to defend this design against bigger brands – all successfully)

Still today this unique device is used in numerous ICU’s in JHB private hospitals.

  • Numerous awards for “Best speaker” and “Most entertaining speaker” at numerous conferences around South Africa


Presentations (Oral)


  • One of the 3 main speakers at the South African annual ENT conference Bloemfontein, October 2013 presenting on my work on a new technique for Tympanoplasty as well as understanding Advanced Otosclerosis
  • Invited to chair the International Cochlea Implant conference session on Advanced Otosclerosis in Wurzburg, Germany in 2014
  • Since 2007 till 2017 (and ongoing) Annual speaker and Faculty member of the International Otology course in Beziers, France. Presenting on Middle ear disease and surgical management issues Including: 1. Middle ear surgical challenges in South Africa June 2010
  1. Advanced Otosclerosis and Cochlea Implants June 2012
  2. Challenges in Otology (Public and Private)in the health sector in SA June 2014
  3. Touch up Middle ear surgery June 2017
  • Presented Entertainment at BACO, Liverpool 2009 for Presidents Dinner
  • Cerumen Management for Audiologists – Sun City 2011 (ENT conference)
  • Launched Iliadin Nasal spray in Ghana (June 2011) for Merck Medical
  • Numerous Drug Company Presentations including lectures for GP’s (Bayer, Astra Zeneca, Aspen, Abbott, Takeda, Glaxo ) from 2006 up till today (2016)
  • Annual Presentations at the South African Cochlea Implant Group conference in May each year since 2012 till 2015 (and ongoing) on an array of different topics
  • Invited to do numerous presentations around Gauteng at ICU’s for Citical Care staff to promote the use of the Cuff pressure monitor I designed (2005-2006)
  • Bi-Annual Presentation on innovative middle ear surgery techniques at the Causse Clinique, Beziers , France since 2007, every 2nd year till 2017 (to date)
  • Invited speaker for Co-ablation international symposium in Chennai, India, 2016 (SA representative)


Current Appointments

  • Full Time Private Practice in ENT at the Union and Clinton Netcare Hospitals since 2004
  • President of the South African Cochlea Implant Group since 2012 till May 2016 (Now Past President)
  • Current South African Representative for the LION (Live International Otolaryngology Network) foundation since 2008 till now (ongoing)
  • Part-time lecturer department of ENT at WITS University since 2010 (registrar surgical teaching)
  • Founding chairman of the South African Microtia/Atresia Group (since 2014)
  • Senior Surgeon in the Johannesburg Cochlea Implant Program since 2007
  • International Faculty Member on the prestigious Causse Clinique International Otology Course in Beziers, France since 2007 to 2017 (ongoing)


Courses Presented


  • Advanced Cerumen Management Course for Audiologists (Phonak Hearing Aid Company) in Sydney – August 2012
  • Cerumen Management Courses for SA Audiologists in JHB from 2010 – 2014
  • Live Surgery Network Course Co-ordinator for LION foundation 2007,2009, 2010, 2012
  • Hosted the first ENT Telesurgery Conference at OR international Airport Southern Sun hotel in May 2007
  • Co-ablation workshop with Live surgery demonstrations (Union Hospital) for ENT colleagues in the South 2012
  • Co-ordinate and present the South African annual Cochlea Implant Group (SACIG) Conference since 2013 till 2016
  • Moderator for the Live surgery cases presented at the Causse Clinique Course in Beziers, France annually since 2007 till 2017
  • Faculty member of the Bloemfontein Temporal Bone Course since 2013
  • Tips and Tricks in Middle ear surgery, co presented with Professor Robert Vincent in 2009 in Cape Town, and Pretoria.


Relevant ENT Surgical experience to date

  • An average of 900 ENT surgical procedures are done annually in my private practice by myself for the last 10 years made up by some of the following:
  • On average 650 private practice tonsillectomies per year since 2004 – total done with Co-ablation 3150 cases
  • On average 500 turbinate reduction surgeries done using the Plasma wand (reflex 45) to date
  • 30-40 Private practice Stapedotomies done per year
  • 100-120 on average Tympanoplasties done per year
  • 15-20 Cochlea Implants done per year
  • 20-30 Tympanomastoidectomies done per year
  • 70-80 Subtotal Functional Nasal reconstructions done per year
  • 20-30 Vocal Cord procedures done annually
  • 20-30 Cosmetic ear and nasal surgeries done per year
  • 15-20 Chemical Labyrinthectomies done per year
  • 5-10 Implantable Accoustic devices per year


A standard week of consultation and theatre operating times in my private practice:

Monday Theatre 07:30 – 13:00
Consultation 13:00 – 17:00
Tuesday Theatre 07:30 – 13:00
Consultation 13:00 – 17:00
Wednesday Consultation 07:30 – 14:00
Thursday Consultation 07:30 – 13:00
Theatre 13:00 – 18:00
Friday Consultation 07:00 – 09:00
Theatre 09:30 – 15:00


  • Average of 110-120 patient Consultations per week (40-50 new patients per week)
  • Average of 20-25 surgical cases per week

South African Firsts


  • First Surgeon in South Africa to implant a Bonebridge hearing device
  • First Surgeon in South Africa to implant a hearing preservation electrode in a child under 10yrs
  • First surgeon in SA (and one of the first in the world) to implant a single sided deafness patient with a Cochlea Implant using a hearing preservation technique for isolated high frequency hearing loss
  • One of the first surgeons in SA to do Bilateral simultaneous Cochlea implants for children under 14 months of age
  • One of the first surgeons to implant the Soundbridge hearing device in South Africa for a Microtia/Atresia patient
  • First Surgeon in South Africa to do a simultaneous Sub-total Petrosectomy and Cochlea implant on the same patient at one surgery
  • First surgeon in SA to do Ketac Cem related middle ear surgery
  • First surgeon known to have done a 4 Ossicle hearing repair



Mini Fellowships done internationally

  • TWI Otology Fellowship in Beziers France in 2006
  • Surgical observation Professor Robert Briggs, Melbourne Australia 2011
  • Surgical observation California Ear institute, Dr Joe Roberson , Palo Alto 2016
  • Many Hands-on courses attended at international conferences worldwide

Social awareness and charity Campaigns


  • Surgeon for the 94,7 Hear for life Cochlea implant program – a program offering disadvantaged people free Cochlea Implants
  • Otologist for Frances Voorweg school and Ekhuruleni school for the deaf – pro deo
  • Trains ENT registrars in advanced otology at my private practice